SEEDS: Supporting and Enhancing Empowerment & Development through Storytelling

In this QNIS grant funded project, working in collaboration with Queen Margaret University, we helped community nurses to explore their experiences of work-related stress, promote well-being and resilience and co-create a tool kit that could support well-being in the workplace.

CAKE LogoDuring a series of 5 facilitated workshops we used creative and participatory methods, including storytelling, lego serious play, poetry. We have created a resource, CAKE: a recipe for self-care, well-being and team resilience-building. CAKE was tested in 17 sites across the UK and is now available as a digital resource.

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“At first felt really daunted by storytelling, but I could see the worth as the session went on and we elaborated on the stories, thank you”

Stories of Covid

We collected stories from students, staff and the local community from a nearby university. These stories recollected their experiences of lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic. We then facilitated online workshops with a small group of the story contributors to analyse these stories and create a collective story in the form of a virtual art exhibition, to archive for the future.

Scottish Storytelling apprentices: Poetry workshop

The aim of this workshop was to show how poetry can be used to help tell stories and support learning. Working with a group of apprentice storytellers from a variety of backgrounds, we used poetry to explore personal journeys, and encouraged participants to write their own poetry.

Feedback from professional storyteller in the workshop

“Kath brings a wealth of story and poetry experience to the apprentice programme. She has a strong feel for the power of stories and the power of language” .

Postcards on a table some with ictures others with words. Pleased, compassionate, lonely, hopefulm guilty