ListenUpStorytelling supports professionals who care for others to care for themselves.

We offer a safe space to share stories, reflect on who we are and what informs our actions and explore ways to co-create alternative endings. With Storytelling as core to what we do, our practical, interactive and creative workshops and courses are delivered by skilled facilitators who offer a range of tools to develop self-awareness and self-care, build resilience, challenge practice and find joy and meaning at work. Alongside storytelling, our methods include: Lego Serious play, arts and crafts, mindful practices, poetry and role play.

Storytelling can be used to support team building, through examining work cultures, creating a shared vision and clarifying individual and organisational values. We also offer 1: 1 mentoring, to support personal and professional development.

Stories are a great way to explore people’s experiences: of healthcare, of caring, of living with illness, of Covid. ListenUpStorytelling can offer research expertise in capturing stories in a sensitive and ethical way to provide feedback to providers and inform future practice.