Welcome to CAKE: an interactive resource designed to support professionals in the workplace. CAKE is a recipe for self-care, and Individual and team well-being.

CAKE is the result of a collaborative project with Queen Margaret University (QMU) Edinburgh.

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Self-care includes behaviours, activities, and skills used to take care of oneself. Well-Being is a broader definition that assesses happiness, health, stability, purpose and meaning in one’s life. In the workplace well-being is often the feeling you get when you’re working with people who love their work and love working with each other. It’s a safe space and has a collective energy that enables a team to perform at its best, with everyone engaging. Workplaces can be stressful places and sometimes we need some support to help us to be the best we can be, to discuss issues, share stories and plan the actions to take to help us be the best and keep well. That’s where CAKE comes in.

CAKE LogoDigital CAKE was developed as a collaboration between health, education and business. CAKE stands for: Caring for each other, Attending to what’s important, Keeping connected and Engaging and Empowering. It comprises 8 slices that contain a range of activities designed to help embed practices that promote team well-being and effectiveness. Each slice contains the ingredients you’ll need and a method to help with the activities. CAKE is a process and is best undertaken in bite size pieces.

Research* shows that happy teams are

  • More likely to stay
  • Perform better than less happy teams
  • Have ambition to develop their career at the organization
  • Are engaged
  • Are supportive to each other
  • Have a sense of belonging

If you are interested in healthier, happier and more effective teams,  join us for a taste of CAKE.

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